The strategy for building the DALi consortium has been founded on the following three criteria:
1) the scientific and technological competences of the partners.
2) the role each partner plays in the innovation. process.
3) the record of successful joint work experiences.

The consortium consists of eight full-time partners from the six European countries Italy, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, France, and Austria. Three of these partners are higher education institutions, two partners are national research centres while three partners are industrial enterprises. Each partner is a leader in his specific field and is bringing in highly specialized research infrastructures at his organization. These partners were selected for the consortium based on their excellent and complementary track record in areas critical to DALi, namely: user centred design, algorithms for sensing, cognitive algorithms, human machine interface, software integration, solution providers - component and system engineering, knowledge of application domain and potential market.

Each area is covered by different partners (usually three or four), one of them usually taking the leading role. The first criterion for the selection of the partners was to accommodate the multidisciplinary nature of some of the project activities. The second one was to strike a tradeoff between two conflicting needs: 1) complementarity of the expertise and of the approaches, 2) redundancy in the most critical activities to decrease the technical risk that could arise by potential problems with some of the partners.

Consortium partners